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Hear what our customers have to say!

"I love the customer service, much better than other competitors...the internet is great for my security cameras"


    Louis J. | Troy, NY

"The team at MassiveMesh really exceeded my expectations from an internet service provider.  They took the stress out of the technical aspects of running a retail store allowing to focus on the myriad of other tasks leading up to my store opening.  They seemed genuinely committed to my success and I would recommend MassiveMesh to anyone needing reliable, high speed internet access for their business."


    Jonathan B. | Troy, NY



"Working with MassiveMesh has exceeded my expectations. Everything from my initial inquiry regarding service in South Troy, to scheduling an installation time that fit MY schedule and working with the company to have a representative as a guest speaker at our neighborhood meeting was effortless. Oh yeah, I'm saving money too!"


    Rich T. | Troy, NY


"My old internet provider was a pain from the start; slow to install, poor customer service, and annoying attempts to upsell phone and TV packages. Switching to Massive Mesh was a delight. It took them less time to set me up than it took me to call and cancel my old service. Everyone at MassiveMesh has been professional, quick, and helpful. I’m happy to be supporting a local company, and getting a much better value too."


    Sam H. | Troy, NY 


"MassiveMesh has been a Godsend to me.  As a small-business owner going strong after 14+ years, I ALWAYS look to buy from a fellow living-the-dream entrepreneur, supporting local as the backbone of community. And when the product and/or service is GOOD, I will talk it up and get people to at least open their consciousness to choice, expecting more from their perceived default or God forbid "only" option, and seeing possibilities for even better. Why settle? With MassiveMesh, I sure haven't settled, I got more."


    Pamela A. | Troy, NY

“Having MassiveMesh has been just fantastic. They have consistently outdone themselves - from the solid speed without any of the strange slowdowns I experienced with my previous internet provider, to the outstanding service, MassiveMesh has been fantastic. They even scheduled in-home service on a Saturday afternoon! And somehow, they are still less expensive than the competition.”


    Mark P. | Troy, NY

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