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Our Company

Massivemesh Networks was founded in Troy, NY in 2014, with the sole mission of providing high-speed Internet options using the latest in wireless technology, with affordable plans to suit any budget.


We use a fiber based mesh network, which is able to provide a high-speed Internet connection without the need for utility pole cable lines, expensive limited plans, or contracts. Our advanced wireless network is able to deliver a secure and robust Internet connection at a lower cost, which is translates directly to savings for our customers. As a locally owned and operated company, our subscribers are more than just our customers- They are our friends and neighbors.


See the difference that local makes!

River Street Showroom

Our Technology

Fiber optic connections form the backbone of our network; feeding wireless high-speed Internet connections to our repeater sites throughout the surrounding area. These sites wirelessly deliver Internet service to your home or business, using only a small wireless radio placed on your roof. This point-to-point wireless Internet connection eliminates the need for cable lines and utility pole connections.


Our Equipment

Our latest generation wireless radio is placed strategically on the roof of your home or business by our team of highly trained in-house technicians, not sub-contractors. The equipment will be attached to a non-penetrating mount, and placed on your roof on top of a layer of protective matting to ensure no damage occurs to the building. This installation strategy guarantees you a strong and reliable connection, without the need for drilling or permanent mounting to the building. Once the receiver is installed, an Ethernet cord will be ran directly from the equipment to you. You will have the option to directly to connect your device via an Ethernet port, or you may utilize a Wi-Fi router to transmit your secure high-speed Internet connection throughout your home or business. If you have your own Ethernet ready Wi-Fi router, our technicians may be able to assist you in configuration for use on our network. If you do not already have your own Wi-Fi router, we also offer router rentals starting at only $5/mo. (+tax).


Installation and service calls are always performed completely free of charge. There will be a one-time equipment fee of $49.99 (+ tax) for residential customers, and $79.99 (+tax) for Business customers due at the time of installation. If you cancel your service for any reason within the first 3 months, we will gladly buy the equipment back from you at the full purchase price.

For more information please visit our FAQs page or request more information at

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