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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Massivemesh?

A: Massivemesh Networks was founded locally in Troy, NY in 2014, with the sole mission of providing high-speed Internet options featuring the latest in wireless technology. Our fiber-fed mesh network is able to provide a robust and secure high-speed Internet connection, with more affordable plans than the traditional cable based Internet providers.

Q: How does the technology work?
A: Fiber optic connections form the backbone of our network; feeding wireless high-speed Internet connections to repeater sites throughout the surrounding area. These sites wirelessly deliver Internet service to your home or business, using only a small wireless radio transmitter placed on your roof. This point-to-point wireless Internet connection eliminates the need for cable lines and utility pole connections.  The equipment is carefully positioned on the roof of your home or business, attached to a non-penetrating mount. All equipment rests on top of a layer of protective matting, ensuring no damage occurs to the building. This installation strategy guarantees you a strong and reliable connection, without the need for drilling or permanent mounting to the building. Once the wireless radio is installed, an Ethernet cord will be ran directly from the equipment to you. You will have the option to directly to connect your device via an Ethernet port, or you may utilize a Wi-Fi router to transmit your secure high-speed Internet connection throughout your home or business. 

Q: What is the 2nd Generation Network?
A: Amazing advances in wireless technology have allowed us to offer better, more reliable service than ever before. As more advanced hardware has become available, we continue to focus on growing and strengthening our network. For the most reliable connection in a densely populated urban environment, we aim to install the equipment on the roof of the building, with a line of sight connection to one of our repeater or tower sites. No damage is done to the buildings, and all equipment is placed on the roof on top of a layer of protective matting.


Q: What is the installation process?
A: The entire installation process from signup to surfing the web, usually only takes a few days, and in some cases can even be activated the same day (pre-wired buildings). Within 48 hours of signup or contact we will schedule a complimentary signal survey for you. This is done to verify where on the roof the equipment will be installed, how to best route the cable to your business or residence, and test signal strength to ensure the best connection for you. Once the signal is verified, we will schedule your installation and the soonest convenient time appointment time for you.

Q: Does reliable, high speed internet have to be expensive? 
A: Absolutely not! In the past, traditional Internet service providers have tried to maintain a monopoly on the market, leaving the consumer with few choices. Massivemesh is here to offer you options, as well as the friendly personal service you deserve. As wireless technology improves, more affordable options are becoming available, allowing additional providers to compete for your business. We are able to offer lower prices and provide a higher level of reliable service.

Q: Why/how is MassiveMesh able to provide superior service at a lower cost?
A: Massive Mesh doesn't have to support costly infrastructure. We utilize the latest wireless technology to create high-speed links without the need to run miles of cable underground or on utility poles. This allows us to keep our overhead very low, passing those savings along to our subscribers.

Q: Do I have to purchase any equipment to have MassiveMesh internet service?

A: Yes, there will be a one-time equipment fee of $49.99 (+ tax) for residential customers, and $79.99 (+tax) for Business customers due at the time of installation. We are confident in our ability to provide you the most affordable plans and highest level of service, if you cancel your service for any reason within the first 3 months, we will gladly buy the equipment back from you at the full purchase price.


Q: Will I need a wifi router?

A: You will have an Ethernet cord connection that you may plug directly into your device via and Ethernet port. If you wish to have a wireless network throughout your home or business, a Wi-Fi router will be needed to transmit that signal. If you have your own Ethernet based wireless router, our technicians may be able to help you integrate that with our equipment. If you do not have a Wi-Fi router, or would prefer to use one of ours, we offer rentals starting at $5/mo. (+tax). The routers we provide are more compatible with our network and allow us to provide you with remote troubleshooting assistance for the router if necessary. Please note: we cannot provide troubleshooting assistance on equipment that is not our own.

Q: If MassiveMesh is wireless, how can it be "installed" in my home or business?
A: Our advanced wireless radio is placed on the roof of your home or business by our team of highly skilled in-house technicians, this mounting solution allows for the most reliable high-speed data connection. The equipment will be attached to a non-penetrating mount, and placed on your roof on top of a layer of protective matting to ensure no damage occurs to the building. Our team of in-house network technicians will then aim and tune your wireless receiver, ensuring you the strongest point-to-point Internet connection possible. Once the equipment is in place, our team will attach the Ethernet cord and run it directly to you, terminating inside your home or business. This is installation strategy allows you to choose between a direct connection via an Ethernet port on your device, or feeding the signal through a Wi-Fi router.

Q: Does MassiveMesh offer email service?

A. No. We do not offer email services, there is an abundance of great free email services available to you that are very easy to use such as: Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook.  Click here to learn about the top 10 email services. To learn how to export all of your mail and contacts to a Gmail account, watch this easy video tutorial! 


Q: Is there a charge to upgrade, downgrade, or cancel my service?

A: No! There are no contracts or deposits required for any of our service plans, allowing you the freedom to make changes to your service at any time. There are absolutely no extra charges or hidden fees to make any changes to your account.  

Q: What happens if my internet becomes slow or stops working?

A: As a locally owned and operated company, Massivemesh is able to provide you with fast local technical support. Help is only a call or email away, and is always performed totally free of charge. Our River St. office is open Monday through Friday with some Saturday hours to complete customer support calls. We offer additional after-hours support by phone and email and may be able resolves your issues remotely. To reach our tech staff directly, please email or call 518-238-6810 and press 2 for technical support. 

Q: Can I pay for my service month to month?  

A: Yes. If you do not elect to be enrolled in auto pay, you can pay month to month basis over the phone, online, or in our office located at: 172 River St. Troy, NY 12180. Please note that all other forms of payment must be received by the first of the month or your service may be suspended. To pay your bill online through our convenient customer portal, you can sign in to your account by clicking here

Q: How do I cancel my service?

A: If you would like to cancel your service, you can notify us at any time by phone or email. There are no penalties or fees to cancel your service, we only request you drop off any rental equipment you may have at our local office located at: 

        172 River Street  

        Suite D

        Troy, NY 12180





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