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In today’s hyper connected world, tenants are demanding technology that works reliability and seamlessly. Planning and installing integrated systems leveraging the latest technology will save you time and money in the long run - it will also increase your property value. MassiveMesh offers end-to-end solutions for large enterprise systems and multi-unit buildings for new construction and retrofit projects with unique expertise in historic preservation.

Rethink Your Building Technology

Innovation - Built In
  • Coax cable and wireless systems integration to support the latest technology

  • Fully engineered, clearly labelled and clean installations

  • Network testing end-to-end for headache free functionality and reliability

  • Flexibility to offer your tenants new technology choice in addition to cable

    • Wireless internet with speeds on par with fiber optics

    • WiFi routers that are engineered to eliminate interference with neighbors for faster and more reliable connections

    • Multiple options for HD TV all built-in to your infrastructure (cable, DIRECTV, OTA)

    • DIRECTV: one central dish set-up to serve multiple accounts with installation by certified multi-unit technicians

  • CCTV cameras with digital recording, intercoms, and electronic door access

  • Smart building technology for automated management

  • Mobile phone boosters


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Network Technology


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